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I Ride, Follow Me

For us it is a great pleasure and honor to work for this campaign.

I Ride, Follow Me is a social campaign to spread the word of riding a bike as a way to the healthy lifestyle with the hope this to become part of the daily agenda of more people in Bulgaria. The project is done as a cooperation between the business, CSR Bulgaria and with the help of many ambassadors.

For a very short time more than twenty popular Bulgarians joined the initiative. We are handling the media relations, events management and the media partnership with BNTV. Infinit works pro-bono for the campaign




The first in Bulgaria bank card with computer, keyboard and a display

In the first week after Easter (April 23rd, 2014) we have gathered media and partners to present  a bank card with no analogue on the market.

Initial monitoring reports show more than 20 publications (online and print) effectively covering the target-audience.

BACB and Visa present one of the most innovative banking products in the world. In each VPay and Visa Business CodeSure card there is a mini-computer with a keyboard, display and a battery thanks to which the card can generate dynamic passwords. That is for sure to provoke the interest of all clients who value the security when dealing with their money both online and on ATM.

Full text of the press release (in Bulgarian) can be downloaded from this link (Microsoft Word document)

Young Apprentice Project

This school year Re-Act starts a new project for professional education in School for Deviant Students in Rakitovo. With this project the teenagers will be able to start work right after leaving the institution. The plans of Re-Act are at least ten kids to acquire skills in carpentry and the best performing ones already have a secured internships in wood-processing factories in the region.

The full text of the press release (in Bulgarian) and some photos from the initiative could be downloaded from this link


Coco Water Koh Libre

As of October 2013 we took care for building the image of a completely new product for the Bulgarian market – the coco water Koh Libre.

We started with creation and maintenance of their facebook page, which is in Bulgarian for the moment, but we set the page to be expandable in multi-language one as the distribution grows in neighborhood countries.

The next stage in the communication will be attraction of brand ambassadors like fitness trainers, food bloggers and celebrities.

We will also expand the campaign outside of social networks to reach more potential clients, partnering cafes and chains of restaurants.

Working together with Re:Act

We are proud to announce that we have started working pro-bono for Re:Act – a young and dynamic NGO that one year ago started numerous projects for kids with deviant behavior in the correction center in Rakitovo.

Our scope will include:

  • media relations and positioning
  • fundraising initiatives
  • volunteer work in Re:Act projects
  • corporate identity

If you would like to see the story of one of Re:Act volunteers from last year project – here is a link (in Bulgarian)