The Art of Slow Cooking

Crock-Pot Bulgaria entrusted us with all their Digital PR activities in June 2013 and together we managed despite the challenging economic and political situation in Bulgaria to reach bring back the sales levels to normal and … to increase them by 20% y-o-y

The campaign integrates several online and offline elements to reach the specified target group:

  • themed competitions on the facebook-page
  • cooperation with three print magazines of Sanoma Bulgaria
  • bloggers outreach and campaign
  • re-design of company blog

And the results are remarkable by now:

  1. 24.9% average monthly growth of the facebook-page
  2. Hundreds of recipes received in competitions of Sanoma magazines
  3. New bloggers added to test the product and publish recipes on their blogs
  4. 20% increase of sales year-on-year

“Under the hood” now are couple of new initiatives like Festival of slow cooking and more. Visit us back for more news and examples of our work.

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